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The 100-ton (90-tonne) EC950F crawler excavator manufactured by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is the perfect blend of stability and power to cope with high capacity even in the most demanding of situations. The machine is engineered for quick and efficient on-site manufacturing, with a Volvo D16 Phase 4 Final engine producing 603 HP (450kW) and tremendous torque at low speeds. Customer productivity is maximized with the EC950F and Volvo A60H articulated transporter. The EC950F can fill the 60-ton 33.6 millimeters (43.9 yd3) hauler in only four bucket runs, with an average duration of 20-25 seconds.

Key features.

Volvo says that the EC950F’s hydraulics are designed to ensure continuous the highest pressure. The electro-hydraulic mechanism can deliver flow on-demand and reduce losses in the internal circuit. A priority valve for boom-swing operations makes sure that both boom-up and swing operations can get the flow of hydraulic they require to accomplish the task at the moment.

In addition, the operator can use a monitor within the cab to record the flow of hydraulic fluid and the pressure settings for up to 20 attachments. The cabin is comfortable and quiet, according to the maker. It comes with a large entryway and optional FOG/FOPS (falling objects guard or falling object protection). A rearview camera is included with a comprehensive Volvo Smart View system available as an alternative.

The excavator is equipped with a free calendar year of Volvo’s ActiveCare Direct fleet monitoring service and an exclusive warranty for frames, the boom, and the arm. A fully-length track guard is included in the list of safety and reliability features with the.

Peak Performance

Volvo’s hydraulics are optimized to provide continuous high pressures throughout every lifting and digging phase. The hydraulic system is designed to increase pump power to allow quick and smooth operation. The electro-hydraulic system manages the on-demand flow and minimizes internal losses within the hydraulics circuit. The EC950F is also equipped with a priority valve for boom-swing, which can adjust the order of the flow of hydraulic fluid between the boom-up and swing to ensure that the cycle of loading durations can be adjusted according to the working conditions of loading trucks.

Volvo’s exclusive ECO Mode helps the EC950F attain remarkable fuel efficiency. In contrast, its integrated working mode lets operators select the appropriate work method for the task. To increase the machine’s versatility, the attachment management system stores the settings of up 20 attachments, which allows the user to set the flow of hydraulic fluid and pressure using the monitor in the cab.

Maximum uptime.

Protection of the machine is provided with features such as an arm and boom that are heavy-duty and frame with a sturdy structure, a sturdy underside plate, floating pins for the bucket connection, and an optional track guard with a total length. As with the rest of Volvo excavators, the EC950F is covered with its Volvo Lifetime Warranty on Structure and Frame, which covers the frame, boom, and arm for the duration of the initial time of ownership.

To ensure longer life of the bucket, Volvo offers multiple wear parts. To maximize efficiency, the all-new Volvo Tooth System allows tooth replacement in only a few minutes: insert, press, and click. The most important maintenance points can be easily reached through the large-opening, easily accessible compartment doors with the walkways that are central and around.

The EC950F is qualified to be enrolled in ActiveCare Direct(TM) at no cost for a year on all new purchases. The Volvo remote telematics services provide continuous monitoring of machines and reports on fleet utilization straight from Volvo. Volvo connects with your local dealer to ensure they can respond promptly if a device needs immediate attention. Customers also receive an analysis of their worksite by pinpointing areas that can improve interwork efficiency, avoid unplanned voids dow, and identify issues before arising.

Comfortably productive.

All interfaces for machines such as joysticks, keypads, and LCD monitors are ergonomically designed. They’re positioned to ensure optimal control to make it easier for the operator. The spacious and quiet cabin further improves the comfort of users and efficiency.

Buckets to match.

Increase productivity by using Volvo buckets perfectly fitted to your equipment to ensure the highest digging performance in all conditions. Our selection includes general Purpose Heavy-Duty and Extreme-Duty buckets. If your needs are unique, we can provide Custom-Built Attachments to create the perfect solution for you.

Ore never sleeps.

The Aitik mine in Gallivare, Sweden, is the most productive open-pit mine for copper. The 1.9 by 0.6-mile (31 km) pit has around 770 workers in the northern part of Sweden. Boliden extracts copper and gold along with silver mined from Aitik all hours of the day throughout the year.

At the end of September 2021, the new Volvo EC950F excavation machine was working around 800 hours in the mine. It was operating for more than 10 hours per day, seven days a week. According to the manufacturer, it takes between 20 and 25 seconds per cycle and can be loaded with Volvo’s largest articulated hauler, the 43.9-cubic-yard (33.6-cubic-meter) A60H, with just four bucket loads.

Operator’s choice.

The sturdy and secure machine comes with a broad track gauge, a long-distance track, and a retractable undercarriage. It also comes with an optimal counterweight that is removable to facilitate transport. Intelligent features, such as the option to Dig Assist from Volvo Co-Pilot – aid the user in digging more effectively. The quiet and spacious cabin and ergonomically-designed travel pedal add more to your comfort.

For increased clarity, the EC950F is equipped with a rearview camera. Additionally, you can fit the excavator with the Volvo Smart View, which offers a 360-degree view. The large entryway improves safety and convenience with high-visibility handrails and well-placed step and anti-slip plates.

Final thoughts on the biggest Volvo excavator.

This Volvo Construction Equipment EC950F crawler excavator weighs 99 tonnes. Its operating weight is 198,400 lbs. It comes with a 603-horsepower Volvo D16 Tier 4F engine. Excavators come in three models: GP, with the long arm and boom; Mass Excavation, with a short boom and are and a hybrid variant with a short boom and an arm with a long length.

Its maximum range is 45 feet when using this GP version. The mass excavation machine can achieve a maximum breakout force of 75,660 lbs. ft. The maximum capacity of the bucket it can transport can be 9.16 cubic yards. It is specifically designed to work with a Volvo A60H articulated truck that you can load in just four steps. The typical cycle time is 20-25 seconds; however, the operator can alter cycles.

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