Land Clearing Services

One of our main services we provide is land clearing.  Using our heavy equipment, we remove trees, brush, shrubbery and various other debris for land improvement.

What is Land Clearing?

One of the main reasons we clear land for our customers between Killeen and Waco is for construction projects.  Whether you’re building a new home, starting a garden, or building a barn/shed, you’re going to want to have the land cleared and prepped for your project.

As you (or your contractor) are preparing a site for a construction project, we clear all vegetation and prep the earth for the construction.  Think of it as the demolition part of a project.  Get everything removed and level before you start building.

What are the Types of Land Clearing?

There are several different types such as grubbing and dozing, clearing by hand, burning, and mulching.

Here at CenTex Excavations we really only do one type of land clearing and that is grubbing and dozing.  Our heavy equipment is ideally suited for both small and large projects.

How Much Does Clearing an Acre of Land Cost?

There are many factors that go into these excavation projects other than simply the sheer size of the tract.  Factors such as the total and type of vegetation, slope, and obstacles all play a critical role in the cost of clearing land.

Our experts will assess your land and provide you a reliable yet reasonable quote for the earth work.

Does it Add Value?

Absolutely!  There are not too many uses for land that is cluttered with dense vegetation.  However, there are endless possibilities for your land if it’s clear and ready to put to use.

Proper land management activities of any kind such as grading will help build the value of the land and land clearing is no exception.

Clearing Land of Trees and Brush

Ready to Get Started?

We look forward to hearing from you and gaining an understanding of your excavation project. Give us a call anytime for a free estimate!