How Wide is a Mini Excavator?

The size of an excavator is significant and you might be wondering how wide is a mini excavator. If they are too big, you won’t be able to get them into tight spaces like between two vehicles on the road or through any doorway. That’s why mini excavators are so narrow.

They’re portable enough to fit in all sorts of places, yet strong and durable enough for a wide range of applications.

What is a mini-excavator, and what are its uses?

A mini excavator is a type of construction equipment that works much smaller than a standard, full-sized excavator. These machines are usually only able to pass through the space between two vehicles on the road or fit through nearly any standard residential doorway. They may be small in size, but they are still quite capable of doing all kinds of strenuous work!

Exactly how wide are they, and why are they so narrow?

Most mini excavators are small enough to pass between parked vehicles, fence openings, and even doorways. They are incredibly narrow, making them easier to transport in tight spaces. The cab itself is often only around 2 feet wide, and the total weight of the entire machine is just over 3 tons. Of course, their width varies by model. For example, the Caterpillar 300.9D has a width of only 29″!

But why are they so narrow?

While mini excavators may be slim, they are certainly not lacking in strength. Their heavy-duty digging arms can lift to 3 tons of dirt or debris at a time, and their compact size allows them to navigate through tighter spaces than the standard, full-sized excavator machines.

Need to demo a room? These are the machines for the job. Are you looking to dig a trench in your backyard but don’t want to remove the fencing? A mini excavator is an ideal choice.

They’re not just for construction sites either.

Mini excavators are also popular choices for farm machinery, and homeowners use them to clear fallen trees or rocks on their property. They are compact enough to drive straight through your home’s front door, which makes it easy to transport these heavy-duty machines around your yard with ease.

So how wide is a mini excavator? Depends on the make and model, but less than 3′ in some instances.

Mini excavators are highly versatile machines that you can use for various tasks, both on and off construction sites. They are small enough to navigate tight spaces but powerful enough to handle even the most challenging jobs. Whether you’re a contractor looking for an easy way to get equipment in and out of tight spots or a homeowner wanting to clear some rocks from your property, a mini excavator is a perfect choice.

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