How to Make Money with a Mini Excavator

MattPublished: April 7, 2022
How to Make Money with a Mini Excavator

Key Takeaways
  • Diverse Income Opportunities: Mini excavators can be used for various income-generating activities, including rentals, snow removal, small demolition jobs, loading and unloading work, soil compacting, and landscaping.
  • Rental Potential: Renting out a mini excavator can be a lucrative option, with potential earnings of around $350 per day, allowing for a significant return on investment over time.
  • Versatility in Services Offered: Offering services like snow removal, demolition, and landscaping can generate substantial income, especially when leveraging the mini excavator's versatility with different attachments for various tasks.

A mini excavator is exceptionally efficient in digging. However, many people aren't aware of how to earn money with the aid of mini diggers. If you're facing similar issues, we've got some solutions.

We are all aware that a miniature excavator can do the work excavation. However, we don't know how the mini excavator can earn profits. A mini excavator could be a lucrative source of income provided we know the best way to use it.

MethodDescriptionPotential Earnings
Mini Excavator RentalsRenting out your mini excavator to others.$350/day, with potential to recoup initial investment in 100 days.
Snow RemovalUsing the mini excavator for clearing snow from driveways.Upwards of $50 per driveway, depending on size.
Small Demolition JobsDemolition work with concrete breakers for sidewalks, driveways, etc.Around $75 per hour or more, depending on local rates.
Loading and Unloading WorkAssisting local companies with loading and unloading tasks.Approximately $75 per hour or more, plus minimum job time and delivery fees.
Shrinking and CompactingUsing a plate compactor attachment for soil compression after excavation.Efficiency savings by reducing manual labor and time.
Grading and LandscapingLeveling and grading properties, clearing underbrush and trees with various attachments.Earnings vary based on project size and local demand.
This table highlights the best ways to make money with an excavator.

What is an excavator, let alone a mini excavator?

Excavation is done using the mini excavator. Aside from the excavator, many tasks were accomplished by it. It's a flexible tool. Anyone who wants to earn more money with less effort or increase their earnings through one job and starting another business using this excavator.

It's possible to work this way regardless of whether you wish to hire employees. If you'd like, you could earn income by renting excavators. Today, we will discuss various ways to make money with an excavator.

How to make money using a mini excavator: 6 of our best ideas.

The excavator plays an essential economic function in the way the world operates today, and it helps save time. Because of the advancement of all new technology, many people are now turning away from taking action.

Everybody is seeking jobs that require less effort in the present. Many people are now looking to earn more money through hard work rather than physical work. If you're looking to make extra money, you need to put more money into it first.

Mini excavator rentals.

Renting your mini excavator is an easy method of earning profits with your excavator. Rental at $350/day for 100 days will recycle your entire investment in a reasonably stable market. You'll get 100% of the initial investment in return on revenue when you rent out your mini excavator.

However, there are also other expenses for business that you must take care of, like repairs, maintenance, insurance, and even cleaning fees. Whatever the case, you are likely to earn a significant profit after taking charge of your costs.

Another benefit of renting equipment is that you can continue to use it on days when it isn't to rent out

Snow removal.

Skid Steer Making Money By Removing Snow

The most unpleasant winter experience is clearing debris off the driveway. With the mini-excavator, you're equipped with the appropriate kind of equipment that can help people deal with a huge issue.

Based on the size of your driveway, you could charge upwards of $50 for clearing that you can complete in under 30 minutes. If you can land the houses within a single neighborhood, you can earn decent money.

Be aware that winter is harsh for heavy machines, and you must be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Be sure to think about your equipment, your surroundings during winter, and your technical expertise to determine if snow clearing is suitable for your excavator and you.

Small demolition jobs.

Excavators are ideal for demolition work. If you pair them with concrete breakers, it is possible to break concrete and asphalt sidewalks, driveways, paths, trails, and a swimming pool.

This combination could cut down vertical structures, including old structures and retaining walls, into chunks of substantial size.

Due to the dimension and strength that a miniature excavator has in contrast to larger excavators is the most efficient equipment to demolish small structures.

But, make sure you post advertisements on every directory website you might be able to.

Promote on social media platforms that you're doing demolition work and use all keywords. It is possible to charge an affordable rate of $75 per hour and possibly much more. Research and find out the prices that people in your area are charging.

Loading and unloading work.

Remember that another option to earn money from an excavator is to offer the services of local companies aiding in loading and unloading.

Companies (and people too) require help loading or unloading a range of items, so your small excavator is the most suitable solution for these clients. It is important to note that you may charge $75 per hour or more for unloading and loading work. Depending on location, you can charge even more.

Additionally, you have to provide a minimum number of times per job and a delivery cost. It is also essential to know the current norm in your location and make your rules accordingly. To find local companies, you might be required to attend networking events.

Shrinking and compacting.

Mini excavators, also known as plate compactors, can be outfitted with dual functions to increase the ROI. After excavation, using the attachment referred to as a plate compressor can effectively compress the soil and eliminate the requirement for additional workers to compact the dirt using a hand tool, such as the hand tamper.

This makes the process more efficient since the plate compactors are larger and more efficient for sloping areas than hand compactors. Attachments for plate compactors are more durable than hand compactors and are more effective when sloping in difficult-to-reach areas. This means that the job can be accomplished less quickly, reducing the overall cost.

Grading and landscaping.

Skid Steer Landscaping and Grading in a Residential Yard

In areas targeted for expansion, leveling, and grading, small excavators could be used to improve the properties through their ability to level fallen or dead trees and move underbrush. With various attachments, including midsize buckets that have teeth clamps and three-tined grapples, you can quickly grab, pull, and drag saplings and rooted undergrowth. If you pair it with a flail mower, the mini excavators excel at cutting down saplings, brush, and grass.

Get out there and make some money!

Although mini excavators were initially designed to dig their small dimensions, a wide range of attachments and proven efficiency has given them a new size and added opportunities to earn money.

But, having mini excavators doesn't mean you'll become wealthy. It requires intelligence and developing solid relationships with others. If you do not have strong relationships with others, it will not benefit you.



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