Zero Emissions: Bobcat Electric Skid Steer

MattPublished: August 17, 2023
Zero Emissions: Bobcat Electric Skid Steer

Along with the major auto manufacturers spurring global innovation in electric vehicles, Bobcat has stepped up to the plate with their own zero-emissions powerhouse: the Electric Skid Steer. The Bobcat Electric Skid Steer is designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind and offers industry-leading performance, intuitive control, and ultra-quiet operation.

Its fully electric drivetrain allows the Bobcat Electric Skid Steer to deliver class-leading drawbar pull, torque, and breakout force while operating with zero emissions.

Sure, we scoffed at the idea that a skid steer loader operating on electric power could keep up with a traditional loader, but the performance of this machine simply blows us away. We could hardly imagine any better combination of efficiency and performance in a skid steer loader.

Game-changing all-electric skid steer.

The game-changing all-electric skid steer from Bobcat is here, and it's turning heads in the construction industry. This isn't just a piece of machinery; it's a statement that symbolizes Bobcat's commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

What's so cool about this loader? Well, it's all about zero emissions. Imagine working on your projects without contributing to air pollution. That's right, no exhaust fumes, noise pollution, just clean, efficient power. It's a dream come true for any eco-conscious builder or landscaper.

This skid steer loader is the future. This electric skid steer is leading the charge as we continue seeking solutions that reduce our environmental impact. Plus, it's a Bobcat. That means you're getting a machine built to last, renowned for its durability and performance.

All-Electric Bobcat Skid Steer Loader

Features of the Electric Skid Steer

The Doosan Bobcat CEO, Scott Park, claims that Bobcat is reinventing the machine they invented the first time. Given the features, it's easy to see why. Here are a few of the highlights.

Electric drive system.

At the heart of this electric beast - the electric drive system. It's no ordinary system; it's a marvel of modern engineering designed to deliver power and performance at a level that rivals traditional diesel engines.

The real star of the show here is the brushless electric drive motors. These aren't your average motors. They're designed for heavy-duty work, offering high instantaneous torque at all speeds. These motors peak out at 80kW, which is roughly the equivalent of 107 horsepower. This means you get the raw power you need precisely when needed. Whether lifting, digging, or hauling, these motors ensure you're never left wanting power.

Unlike conventional combustion engines, the electric drive system operates silently, making your work environment quieter and more pleasant. Plus, with fewer moving parts than a traditional engine, there's less wear and tear, translating into lower maintenance costs over time.

Lithium-ion battery life.

Bobcat powered the Bobcat Electric Skid Steer with a robust lithium-ion battery in their quest for zero emissions. They opted for lithium-ion due to its high energy density and long lifespan. This isn't your everyday battery; it's a powerhouse designed to keep your equipment running smoothly for extended periods.

The battery size is a whopping 60.5 kWh, translating to up to four hours of total operational time. Under typical working conditions, the battery can last an entire workday without recharging. Of course, the actual battery life will depend on how heavily the machine is used. High-demand tasks will require an earlier pit stop at the charging station.

But what impresses us most about this battery is its longevity. With proper care and regular maintenance, it can last for several years before needing a replacement. That's not just good for your wallet but also for the environment. By reducing the frequency of battery replacements, you will cut down on waste. This Bobcat Electric Skid Steer isn't just robust and efficient—it's a step towards a greener future.

Lift and tilt functions like the original skid steer loader.

Despite its electric heart, the Bobcat Electric Skid Steer hasn't lost any of the muscle that made the original skid steer loader a favorite among builders. In fact, it retains all the lift and tilt functions you're familiar with, ensuring a seamless transition from diesel to electric.

This electric model boasts an impressive lifting capacity. Thanks to its robust ball screw actuators, it can easily hoist heavy loads. These components convert the motor's rotational motion into linear motion, enabling the machine to lift and lower loads smoothly and efficiently. That's right, there are zero hydraulics.

Remember, despite the change in power source, it doesn't seem that Bobcat has compromised on the functionality or performance of their prized skid steer loader. The electric version continues to deliver the same power, precision, and versatility as the original models, making it a worthy addition to any construction or landscaping project. The big difference is that it has a battery and electrical powertrain.

Bobcat electric compact track loader models.

Since the all-electric skid steers just emerged from a research and development project, they only have two models — The Bobcat T7X and the S7X. These two models provide various lifting capacities and features electric drive motors.

There are almost no differences between the two, only subtle variations in the weight and capacity. 80kW electric drive motors power both models, have a lift capacity of 7,500 lbs, and feature Bobcat's innovative joystick controls that allow precise operation.

These models are starting to roll out of the factory, and the first deliveries will be to Sunbelt Rental. On the Doosan Bobcat innovation roadmap, there are plans to release other electric compact excavators in the coming years.

So what's the verdict? Is this machine worth the buzz?

We've got to hand it to Bobcat for introducing us to the world's first all-electric loader. Bobcat's Electric Skid Steer is a revolutionary machine that seeks to redefine how we think about construction machinery.

The electric drive system gives you unparalleled power and performance without compromising on the traditional lifts and tilts you know and love from Bobcat. Plus, it helps reduce emissions, making it a great choice for any eco-conscious builder or landscaper.

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