Get an ASV Skid Steer for the Tough Jobs

MattPublished: April 19, 2023
Get an ASV Skid Steer for the Tough Jobs

We recently had the opportunity to use an ASV skid steer loader on one of our job sites recently, and we've got to say, it was a blast.

However, that got us thinking - what is so great about these machines?

How does ASV do it? Sure, we've used countless John Deere loaders and currently use a couple of Kubota skid steers, but we think we might need to get an ASV.

Popular ASV skid steer models.

When we're hunting for a skid steer that will fit our company's needs, we don't just look at one. No, we look at all of their models.

Of course, there are various factors we look at, such as price, power, and other integrated capabilities.

Keep in mind that we are only looking at base models and not necessarily any unique capability models, such as their heavy-duty or forestry editions. After all, whichever skid steer we purchase needs to fit our budget and the jobs we do.

ASV RT-25 skid steer loader.

The ASV RT-25 is a compact skid steer loader perfect for tight spaces. It has a 25-horsepower engine and a rated operating capacity of 1,500 pounds. This makes it ideal for small landscaping companies and construction sites with tight spaces.

ASV RT-40 skid steer loader.

The ASV RT-40 is a mid-size skid steer loader with 40 horsepower and a rated operating capacity of 2,000 pounds. It's perfect for medium-sized excavation jobs that require more power than the RT-25 can provide.

ASV RT-50 skid steer loader.

The ASV RT-50 is an agile and powerful machine with 50 horsepower and a rated operating capacity of 2,500 pounds. It's ideal for larger excavation jobs where speed and power are essential.

ASV RT-65 skid steer loader.

The ASV RT-65 is another mid-size skid steer loader with 65 horsepower and a rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds. It's perfect for medium to large excavation jobs that require more power than the RT-50 can provide.

ASV RT-75 skid steer loader.

The ASV RT-75 is a mighty machine with 75 horsepower and a rated operating capacity of 4,000 pounds. This makes it the perfect choice for large excavation projects where maximum power is needed to do the job quickly and efficiently.

ASV VT-100 skid steer loader.

The ASV VT-100 is the largest skid steer loader in the lineup, with 100 horsepower and a rated operating capacity of 5,000 pounds. This makes it ideal for large construction projects where speed and power are essential to get the job done right.

ASV RT-135 skid steer loader.

Finally, there's the ASV RT-135 which has 135 horsepower and a rated operating capacity of 6,500 pounds. This makes it one of the most powerful machines available today - perfect for any large-scale construction project requiring maximum power to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Features and integrated technology.

One thing that really stands out about ASV and its lineup of skid steers and compact track loaders is that they're producing premium equipment with great features.

Faster loading.

ASV provides two types of loaders: radial lift (RS) and vertical lift (VS). The radial lift machines are best for excavating and have significant reach at mid-height, whereas the vertical lift machines are ideal for material placing operations since they have more reach and can lift higher.

More lifting.

One area that really stands out when it comes to ASV is its focus on the skid steer itself. This ensures that the weight is distributed optimally. This reduces tire wear and maximizes lifting capacity, making ASV operators more productive compared to other makes, such as Bobcat and CAT.


ASV compact track loaders are unique due to their patented undercarriage technology they like to call Posi-Track. And yes, that's a spinoff of the brand that made the infamous limited slip differential on cars. However, we're talking literal tracks here. This innovative system provides increased traction, speed, and performance in any type of environment.

Auxiliary hydraulics.

ASV has designed the skid steers' auxiliary hydraulic systems to work well with the optional 30.9-gpm high-flow pump capacity and 3,335 PSA system pressure. This means heavier lifting when you need it most. Frankly, we love this idea, as a bucket full of pea gravel can really test some of our machines. That extra PSI would make light work of the material.

Attachments for all types of jobs.

Of course, not every job is the same, and that means we need different attachments. ASV has several options available, including forks, buckets, grapples, and brush cutters. The decision really depends on the job at hand and which attachment will be most effective.

Where ASV skid steers are being used.

ASV is not as popular as some of the other heavy equipment makers, but they are gaining more recognition due to their well-crafted machines.

Construction sites.

We're starting to see this hard-working machinery on more and more construction projects. It's common to see them used for excavation, grading, and hauling tasks.

Agricultural operations.

ASV skid steers are also becoming popular in agricultural operations due to their power, maneuverability, and ability to handle most farm-related tasks easily. They're especially useful in vineyards where the terrain can be challenging to traverse. Many ranchers even use ASV brand loaders with fork attachments to move hay and feed.

Mining operations.

ASV machines are also top-rated in mining and industrial applications where maximum power is needed to do the job quickly and efficiently. They're perfect for digging, loading, and hauling materials such as ore or gravel.

Forestry operations.

This is one industry where ASV really shines. In fact, they make specific forestry models with larger tracks for better traction and heavier lifting power. The Posi-Track system is especially helpful since it gives the operator maximum control when navigating challenging terrain.

FAQs for ASV skid steers.

Since we've researched extensively for a compact track loader that will fit our needs, many have had questions regarding ASV skid steers. To provide some added insight, here are a few of the most common questions about the equipment.

When did ASV start making skid steers?

While other makes, such as Bobcat and John Deere, have been in the business for quite some time, ASV is relatively new. They started making their skid steers around 2011. That's a big reason we've stayed with other brands until recently. Other companies have solid reputations for making hard-working machines, but we think ASV has come a long way since its early days.

What is the difference between an RS and VS model?

The RS models feature radial lift arms, making them perfect for excavating and grading tasks that require significant reach at mid-range heights. VS models are vertical lift arms, making them ideal for material placing operations since they can reach higher and lift heavier loads.

What kind of attachments does ASV offer?

ASV offers many attachments, including buckets, forks, grapples, brush cutters, and more. The decision really depends on the job at hand.

What is the best size for an ASV skid steer?

The best size really depends on the job you plan to do. A larger machine might be better if you need more lifting power and maneuverability. For lighter jobs, a smaller unit may be suitable. It's all about finding the right balance. For our company, we found that the RT-75 was perfect for our construction projects.

What is the ASV Posi-Track?

This is ASV's patented track system on their compact track loaders, which is designed to provide maximum traction, stability, and maneuverability on any terrain. It also helps reduce ground pressure when the machine is in operation. The Posi-Track has been a big part of why we chose an ASV skid steer for our project.

What is ASV's MAX-Series loaders?

ASV's MAX-Series machines have been completely redesigned with attention to every single detail. These are basically the best of the best in their lineup of loaders. They feature 360-degree visibility and a spacious design; they also excel in hydraulic performance, tractive effort, undercarriage technology, reliability, and serviceability, allowing you to achieve more than you thought possible. Think of the MAX-Series skid steer loaders as the high-end variants of all of their skid steers.

Hop in yours and get work done!

Now you have a few reasons to get your own ASV skid steer and put it to work. Whether you're a contractor, rancher, farmer, or miner, these hard-working machines can help you do the job quickly and efficiently.

They're a bit different than other makes and models, so we recommend test-driving one to see if it fits your needs. We think you'll be glad you did.



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